At Avenue Art and Framing, we are passionate about taking works of art and making them look better than when they came in.  We love framing works of art, and we believe that our love shows through in our work.IMG_4330

Avenue Art has a massive selection of frames with over 800 to choose from.  We also have thousands of mat options to partner with your perfect frame choice.

Everything we do, we do for the preservation of the art.

By offering the highest quality conservation and preservation matting, glass, and frames we can help your art last a lifetime.

To learn more about our process of framing, click here.


Having a selection of over 800 frames, we use AMPF inc to give our customer the widest selection to allow for that perfect frame.  You can view a catalog here.

Mat Board:

IMG_4339Over the years, framers have learned more about acidity being damaging to art and one of the worst things for art can be a damaging mat board.  At Avenue Art, we simply offer mat that is Acid Free, Lignin Free, and is PH buffered.  We also offer the highest conservation quality cotton mat board.  You can view some of the mat choices we have here or here


Our glazing selection offers everything you need to protect your art.  From standard clear glass, to 99% Conservation Glass, to maximal clarity and preservation museum glass.  Our glazing options will cover any need a customer will have, and our knowledgeable staff will help you make the decision that is best for your art and your wallet.  You can learn more about glazing here.


At Avenue Art, we pride ourselves in taking care of a customers art and we always have art leaving the shop looking better than it did when the art arrived.  We practice the highest conservation and preservation techniques when possible and we always give our customers options to help their art last a lifetime and even longer.  When you come in, ask us about our conservation practices!