Services Offered

At Avenue Art and Framing, we pride ourselves on our wide variety of services offered.  Here is an extensive list covering many of the things that we do here at Avenue Art.

  • NEW! Printing service: Gallery Moments
  • Framing works of art on paper
  • Framing Diplomas
  • Framing multiple documents together
  • Framing works of art on Canvas or other mediums
  • Stretching art on canvas/cloth
  • Shadowboxing of Jerseys
  • Shadowboxing of Medals and other objects
  • Cleaning art on paper
  • Some restoration of small photographs
  • Light repairs of frames
  • Replacing broken or shattered glass
  • Wiring pieces of art

This list shows some of our most popular services that we offer.  Please bring us any item that you would like to have framed and we will find a solution that shows off your art and protects it from outside dangers.