There are many things that a customer needs to be mindful of when framing a piece of art.  Here at Avenue Art, we try to cover all the bases in terms of the logistics of the art being framed.  Add in our high standards of quality and you will always receive a masterfully framed piece of art.  For those who are curious, here is the basic process we take in framing a piece of art.


1. Decide on a piece of art.

This step you can take on your own!  Either you will be in town shopping for art, or you will come here and look through our excellent selection of art and find something you truly love.  Simply purchase your art (or grab your gifted art), and bring it in to our shop to have it framed!


deciding on framing2. The Consultation

This is where the true fun comes in.  When you bring in your art, one of our experienced and professional staff members will assist you in selecting the best frame, matting, and glass suit your art.  Are you unsure of what color matting you want?  Are you aware of the different glass options that are available?  No worries!  Not only are we knowledgeable in our framing practices, we are also practical.  Giving you the best options and helping you make the tough choices when it comes to your treasured art.



3.  Assembly

Inspection2After you have selected how you would like to have your art framed, you get to set back while we do the hard part.  We order our moulding and mat choices from a nationally recognized company AMPF.  While the company is large, there is a facility driving distance from our shop, so we are still able to rush orders.  As soon as our raw materials are in, we inspect them for any defects to ensure the highest quality for our valued customers.


During assembly we are perfectionists in our practice, making sure that there are no flaws in our product as we move along with your order.  We always make sure to use the best conservation and preservation practices in our work.  We love art and it shows through how we handle your valuable items.



4. Final Inspection

Once we have finished the order to the final detail, we always do a final inspection of our framed works of art.  Anything less than perfect will not do.  If we have notice a defect, we will start over until the framed work of art meets our standards.  As soon as your framing order is complete, we will give you a call to let you know we are done.  Our standard completion ranges from 7-10 days and we are able to do rush orders as well!


Pickup5. Pickup

Congratulations!  Your art is ready for pickup!  This is the most rewarding part of our job.  Once we see the smiles of our customers who truly love their framed art, we feel like everything is right in the world.

Though this is the final step in the process, we want our customers to be as pleased with the framing as we are.  At Avenue Art, we settle for nothing short of the best.  If you are unhappy with your framing order, bring it back and we will help make your piece into something that you love!


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