Avenue Art Presents: Windows of Opportunity – Featuring Artist Kiley Martin

Kiley standing with one of his custom works of art!

Kiley standing with one of his custom works of art!

Stop what you’re doing! Saturday, May 7, 2016, Avenue Art will be having its second ever Avenue Art Show, featuring local artist Kiley Martin! Kiley has a naque for reclaiming old forgotten windows and repurposing them. Creating a glass on glass housing for vintage New Orleans logos and other prized items.

Kiley’s passion for New Orleans is matched only by his outside-the-box creativity. A New Orleans native, Kiley has been creating incredible works of art for over ten years. After moving to a San Diego for a brief period after Katrina, his love for the city, its culture and its iconography brought him back with a mission. Kiley has been taking countless photos since and incorporating them into window panes with incredibly beautiful and rustic originality.

With that being said, the show will, once again, be held on May 7th from 7pm-10:30pm..There will be complimentary food and drink. We can’t wait for you all to get a look at Kiley’s incredible work and we look forward to seeing everyone on the 7th!

You can RSVP and let us know you’ll be joining us here.

Check out some of Kiley’s work below!

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