Five Great Gift Ideas for Christmas!

As the holidays approach, it can be difficult to find a great gift for that special someone especially if they are difficult to shop for to begin with!   Here are five great gift ideas that you can find here at Avenue Art!

1.  Something Memorable (Custom Framing):

Giving someone Chocolate or clothing is great, but those items can be easily forgotten about.  Think about this:  when you frame something, and put it up on the wall, it will be there forever!  Whenever someone sees the custom framing, it will remind them of a fantastic memory, but also the person who presented them with that custom framing!  Bring some special art to be framed for that special someone here at Avenue Art!

2.  For Your Sweetheart Who Loves Jewelry:

Some folks just love a nice jewelry item for the holidays.  Something that they can wear to all of the events with you and to the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebration.  Maybe she loves to wear the Jewelry that shows off the person who gave it to her.  At Avenue Art, we have a great selection of Jewelry created by Andonina.

3.  For The Person Who’s Hard to Buy For (Gift Card):

Some people are just difficult to buy for.  It can be hard to pick out something that person will truly love and admire for years to come.  Why not give them a gift card?  A gift card will allow that person to be able to come back whenever he or she wants to pick out exactly what is right for them!  At Avenue Art, you can put any amount onto a gift card and we will put it into a nice envelope for you!

4.  For the Person Who Has Just Moved:

Someone you love has just moved, maybe closer to you, maybe further away.  Do they love New Orleans?  Do they love it here in Louisiana?  Why not get them a great gift of these three tables hand crafted by Jimmy Gorman?  These tables feature actual New Orleans water meter covers and the coffee table is made out of a true Louisiana storm drain.  You can buy all three for 1,600.00!

5. For Someone Who Loves Christmas:

We have fantastic hand crafted ornaments for sale which is great for someone who truly loves the holiday season.  These ornaments have been extremely popular since we first opened!


The Holidays are a great time for friends, family, and showing appreciation for those you are around.  Come by our shop and we can help you find that perfect holiday item for that special someone!


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