Huge Savings on This Original Art!

Lance Romano Alligator

Lance Romano Alligator  $3,000

Lance Romano, a New Orleans artist who’s just hit the scene and has done artwork visible in John Besh’s restaurant, Borgne. We are proud to say that we have one of his new, unique pieces of art here in our gallery!

This Original painting of an Alligator on salvaged cyprus wood has a rustic feel which can bring any room some louisiana flare.

And here’s the good news!

This item is currently priced at $4,800.00, but right now and throughout the month of June, we are cutting the price to $3,000.00.  That is a huge savings of $1,800.

This art is original and one of a kind.  So whoever jumps on this deal will have the only one in existence.  As Lance Romano becomes more well known and more popular, the price of his artwork is sure to skyrocket, this is the best time to buy!

Come by to see this art for yourself!

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