4 Ways to Save Money on Framing

Corner Samples

Corner Samples

So you want to Frame that picture that you picked up at the flea market for 50 dollars, but you don’t want to spend over 200 to frame the piece?  Well, you’re in luck, here are four ways you can make your framing experience most cost effective!

1.  Choose a less expensive frame…

A lot of times, people choose a frame that is $15-$20 per foot and once we show them the price they become overwhelmed.  At those prices, an 11×14 frame would be 4.8 feet of moulding resulting in a frame cost alone of $72-$96.

However, most of the time, you can find a frame that looks similar to the higher priced frame for just $8-$15.  If you do the math that is huge savings!  Here at Avenue Art we can always help you find a frame that will fit your aesthetic needs as well as financial.

2. Change your matting…

Another trick to save money is to change your matting up.  If you are doing a double mat, you can save around 15 dollars by doing a solid core, while still achieving a similar effect.  Another option is to do less matting.  Instead of doing 3 inches of matting around your art, why not do 2.5?  That will bring your total size of the frame down, and will ultimately result in a less expensive total frame job.  Finally, if you feel like your art is less valuable, you can always choose to not mat your artwork.

3. Choose regular glass…

This is the most common thing folks do with their framing to help them keep cost down.  Choosing a regular glass is a bit of a tricky option since the glass protects the art the most from UV light.  If your art is going in a dark room, away from direct sunlight then you can choose regular glass.  This will save you at least 10 dollars (depending on size).

4. Come to Avenue Art for your framing…

Of course we will pitch our own company here, but how could we not?  We’ve had customers compare our prices with the “cheap guys” only to find that our prices still beat theirs!

We always offer the best quality framing at the most inexpensive price possible. To be honest, you cannot beat Avenue Art when it comes to framing.

Put us to the test and we guarantee you will be one of our many lifelong customers.

What do you think?  Do these tips help?  Is there anything we left out?  Comment and let us know!

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