Harmful Things for Art: LIGHT

Everyone loves art, everyone loves to view art, but no one wants their art to be damaged.  However, though most people don’t want to have their art damaged.  The interesting fact of life, is that most people don’t think about what will cause damage to their art and photos until after it is too late.  This article is about the most harmful thing to art: Light.

The catch 22 is that we need light to view the art.  NO one frames their photos and puts them into a dark room to never be seen again.  So what can we do to protect our art and photos from light?

The most important thing that we can do to protect our art and photos from light is the Glazing (also known as glass).  At Avenue Art and Framing, we offer different kinds of glass that will help protect your art and photos from light and other harmful things.

Damage from UV light

Damage from UV light

There are different kinds of light in nature, and in our houses: UV light, Tungsten, flourescent, LED, etc.  and each light will damage art differently.  Obviously sunlight is the worst kind of light for art because it has the highest amount of UV rays (which is the most damaging for art), but Fluorescents, Tungsten, and LED lights will damage art too.  So how does the glass protect the art?

Each type of glass that we offer will block UV rays from the art.  The ISO (international Standards Organization) recomends for framing a piece of glass that blocks at least 97% of UV rays, and not all glass that we offer will be able to provide that for you.

Our standard clear glass will provide 45% UV protection, while our conservation glasses will protect 99% of UV light.  That is a huge difference!  And while most people will choose to save the extra 10-15 dollars on glass, the lifetime of the art will vary drastically depending on the glass.

screen-shot-2013-02-09-at-3-36-01-pm1At Avenue Art, we do our best to recommend the best glass for each customer depending on their needs, and as you are reading this, you may be thinking, “I didn’t know about the glass options, I want glass to help preserve my art!”  Well we would love for you to stop by the gallery and we can help upgrade your glass if you would like.  Until then, keep your photos and art out of direct sunlight.

There are many other things that can damage art, though light is by far the worst.  If you would like to know more about preservation of art, check out this article.

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